Want to volunteer for Launch Pad? Here are just some of the ways you can help!

  • Evening shift: 7:30 pm to as late as 11 pm. You will be helping with tasks such as serving food, working bag check and staffing the shower station. More than that, your role is to be a welcoming and affirming presence in the lives of our guests. (Training required)
  • Breakfast shift: 5:30 am to 7:30 am. We have to get our guests up and out the door very early because our shelter utilizes space in churches that are usually open in normal business hours. We serve breakfast and also gather up bedding for laundry volunteers to take. (Training required)
  • Laundry service. Every day we need laundry picked up and washed by volunteers. Laundry needs to be returned by the same day of the following week, so you have some time. Typical loads include blankets and sheets for 20 plus towels and wash cloths. (No training required)
  • Meals. This is a perfect volunteer opportunity for church/synagogue/mosque or other small groups. Each night we provide a hot supper to our guests, which volunteers drop off on site that evening. (No training required unless you would like to stay to serve the meals.)
  • One-time projects. Please watch your emails and our social media for occasional group projects, especially in October as we get our sites set up.

Volunteer Sign-ups

If you have never volunteered with us before and are interested in doing volunteering in a role involving direct guest interaction, we ask that you attend a training first. The training helps our volunteers understand our guests a bit better and provides you some guidance and tools to help make their experience as affirming and supportive as possible.

The first step is to fill out our volunteer application here. This is a very minimal form that lets us know you are interested. We will contact you with the dates of upcoming trainings.

Once you have been attended a training (or are a returning volunteer) click the link below:

Volunteer Sign-ups

COVID-19 Guidelines

The following are our current plans for dealing with the ongoing pandemic. Please check back for updates before volunteering.

  • Volunteers and guests must wear masks. Please note though that guests will not be wearing masks while eating or sleeping.
  • Volunteers must be vaccinated. At this time we are not requiring that guests prove vaccination before coming to the shelter. We may institute a policy of regular testing for those who won’t get vaccinated, but that is not yet decided.
  • Think about your personal situation and evaluate the risks. The delta variant is more contagious, and the age group we work with have very low vaccination rates. This means you will be around someone with COVID, most likely. While the vaccination will very likely keep you from getting severe symptoms, it is possible that some vaccinated people can pass on the virus to others. If you have young children or immunocompromised people in your home, you may want to choose a non-contact form of volunteering.
  • We are evaluating the situation daily. Currently (Aug. 16) if the shelter season started today we would delay it because the new case numbers are too high and hospitals are running out of space. However, it is very possible that the delta variant will spread through unvaccinated folks so quickly that it will peak before we start shelter on November 1.
  • There are no great options in a pandemic. Gathering people together in congregate spaces is not desirable in this situation, but leaving people to sleep in the cold is also bad.