Link to Volunteer Portal

Link to Volunteer Application

Launch Pad is now working with Volgistics! This system will make it much easier for volunteers to sign up for shifts on any device and keep track of hours served. If you have any questions regarding Volgistics, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions to Bryn at Thank you for your patience as we switch over to this new system.

All volunteers must attend a training before their first shift. If you have not been trained, please contact Bryn at or visit our Facebook page to view upcoming trainings. You may also fill out the application at the following link to sign up for a training:

If you have volunteered or been trained in the previous season (2018-2019), follow the steps below to log in for the first time:

  1. Follow this link to the Volunteer Information Center (VicNet):
  2. Click on the link “Need a password?” and enter your email to receive a link to set your password.
  3. Log into VicNet with your email and password
  4. Make sure your contact info, availability, and message preferences are up to date.
  5. To sign up for a shift, either follow the “Check your schedule” or “Sign up” buttons on the left, or go to the “My schedule” tab. Openings will show up as a “Help wanted” symbol. The drop-down menu at the top allows you to filter for a specific assignment.

If you have been trained / volunteered with us, but not in the last season, contact to be entered into the new system.